🏒Shapes: Product Description

At Echo Analytics, our central mission revolves around offering an accurate representation of the ever-changing world, to better understand the dynamics of points of interest (POIs) and their intricate environmental interactions.

One critical aspect of this involves knowing the shape or footprint of the POI, which indicates the POI’s area and physical boundary. Shapes is dedicated to revolutionizing the way we perceive POIs by offering a visual representation in the form of polygons, providing spatial context to transform each POI from a point on a map into a comprehensive and tangible entity.

Before we go further, let's expand a bit on the term β€œpolygon”.

A polygon in the geospatial context represents a closed geometric figure defined by pairs of x and y coordinates. Polygons are a tool for extracting valuable insights associated with POIs, enabling precise measurement of surface areas and ensuring accurate visit attribution.

Let's discover the world through the Shapes attributes!

Building Attributes

Unlock a deeper understanding of the intricate relationships between POIs and their surrounding environments by exploring the structures within which they reside.

Our comprehensive building attributes delineate whether buildings exclusively accommodate a single POI or host a multitude of them.

Spanning a wide array of categories, including airports and shopping malls, our database provides a panoramic view of the dynamic interaction between POIs and their settings.

This empowers stakeholders to make decisions based on a nuanced comprehension of how these entities interact with and influence their environments.

Shape Type

This classification determines the granularity with which the POI parameters are defined.

We offer two distinct shape types: polygons and circles.

Polygons are assigned when the generated shape meets our stringent accuracy criteria for accurately depicting a POI's boundaries, ensuring a faithful representation of the POI's perimeters.

In cases where our quality standards are not met, we designate a circle to indicate that we acknowledge the presence of a POI, but are actively working on achieving a more fitting polygon shape.

The meticulous accuracy inherent in polygonal shapes is crucial for a wide spectrum of applications. These include, but are not limited to, attributing visitor traffic, facilitating urban development planning, enhancing navigational systems, and optimizing site selection processes.

Surface Area

Obtain comprehensive insights into the space occupied by POIs to better understand the relationship between POIs and their space usage. This metric emerges as an indispensable tool for site selection and attributing visits, providing a precise representation of the foot traffic at each location.

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