For companies involved in multi-sourcing POIs from across the globe, like us, transparency in quality KPIs is paramount. Our data is sourced from diverse suppliers, and each country presents a different challenge. This diversity makes transparency not just a choice but a necessity as it contributes to making informed decisions.

It allows us to assess our data and help our customers determine its suitability for their specific needs. To benchmark our data, we provide the KPI of our POI but also of key attributes and set quality thresholds for each country.

Trust and confidence in our data can be achieved by leveraging the country's confidence score, a tool that offers in-depth insights into the reliability and quality of the data we provide. This score is computed based on the three quality pillars of volume, accuracy, and completeness.

Volume Grade

What is it? The volume grade serves as a KPI crafted to enable us to compare our offerings across various countries. The key elements we consider when calculating our volume score include the quantity of POIs, brands, and branded POIs.

We assess the strength of our offering in terms of the sheer volume of valuable data we provide. This, in turn, allows us to confidently serve the needs of our clients across various industries and markets.

Accuracy Grade

What is it?

Our accuracy grade is tailored to assess the coverage of brands in a country, to be within our acceptable range. For each well-known brand within a country, we compute the coverage by comparing the actual number of POIs available within our dataset to the expected number of POIs that were benchmarked through conducting market research.

Completeness Grade

What is it?

The completeness grade evaluates how well the essential attributes that help identify and define a POI are covered.

We defined our core attributes to be the website, opening hours, phone number, postal code, and administrative boundary.

  • Number of POI per country

  • Number of countries: 211

  • Completeness of website: 51%

  • Shapes coverage: 80%

  • Opening hours: 60%

  • Addresses: 100%

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