🚢Activity: Product Description

At Echo, we've adeptly leveraged the expansive scope of human mobility attributes to empower your analyses and provide invaluable insights into the world around you. Additionally, we offer aggregated historical data for certain countries, thereby significantly enhancing the depth and richness of your analytical insights.

Uncover the hidden secrets of human movement with our groundbreaking product, Activity.

Revealing the World Through Mobility Attributes:

Activity is a robust dataset combined with our proprietary cleaning and normalization methodology, to ensure precision and depth in your analyses.

Let's explore the wealth of information at your fingertips:

  1. Footfall Attributes: Gain insights into foot traffic over time, understanding how many people frequented a location on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Track the ebb and flow of human activity with precision.

  2. Dwell Time Attributes: Discover how long individuals linger in specific locations, from bustling shopping malls to cozy coffee shops. You can now know precisely how much time people invest in each spot.

  3. Visit Patterns: Uncover the other places people visit while at your location. Understand their preferences, interests, and routines as they move through different spaces.

  4. Catchment Area Analysis: Determine the geographical reach of your store or facility based on insights derived from home and work locations of visitors, empowering your location strategy.

  5. Commuting Insights: Gain a thorough understanding of commuting patterns. Know what percentage of individuals commute to a place and the average distances they cover, even with a one-week data lag.

Working with Admin Boundaries and Uber H3 Geospatial Grid:

Our data isn't just insightful; it's structured for seamless integration. We work with admin boundaries and H3 grids, simplifying the process of incorporating our data into your existing systems and analyses.

Discover Deeper Insights with Historical Activity:

Echo is not just a data provider; with Activity, we provide a powerful tool for understanding human behavior and movement patterns. Whether you're a business optimizing location strategy, a city planner enhancing urban mobility, or a researcher unveiling behavioral trends, Activity has you covered.

Activity is your gateway to a world of historical human mobility data. Join the future of data-driven decision-making today and dive into the depths of human behavior and movement.

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